On Reiki

When I need to release and let go, I go to the woods, as I did this weekend with three girl friends. We laughed. We talked. We spent time with the trees, river, and lots of wildflowers. It was so nourishing and healing.  One of the themes that seems to be appearing lately is attaching to and trying to figure out what is being released from our bodies at any given point when we begin to heal ourselves and or work with someone to heal our beings. We all want to figure out what is in our cells, what this blockage means, or how this may relate to some memory, or previous knowledge from somewhere, or we go into analyzing how there is a shooting pain or tension in the left knee every time I think of that… or it reminds me of that one time…we can go into a spin trying to figure it out (at least I know I am guilty of this). What happens if we just sit with it, be with it, and then try not to figure it out, and let the answers and healing take place as it will in its own time. For example, I have spent years trying to figure out my left kidney block. I have analyzed it, and can write a thesis on my left kidney. There is an actual over-development of muscle over this area too. Yet, I received no answers. It wasn’t until I just observed the blockage, let it be, let it do it’s thing, and surrendered that it hit me. It’s where I hold a trauma and emotional pain. It’s my place. We all have one. We all have one place in our body that is like our reservoir of ick. Yet, it has been my experience that it hurts more to try and figure it out and make sense of it, because then all we are doing is feeding our reservoir of ick. Let it go. Let it be. We can let it be unknown or at least try until we are ready to know. And, once we do know and receive those answers, then we can begin to do the work.

I haven’t spoken much about Reiki. Reiki, means universal life source energy. It is the energy within all living beings. It is life force. As a Reiki practitioner this is the energy I work with to heal myself and others. Yes, it is a form of energy. No, it is not voodoo. No, it is not witchery. No it is not connecting with aliens or something of the like. No, it is not anything other than Reiki. In it’s purest and most authentic form it is simply healing with energy that we all share. Reiki like most energy healing allows the body to heal on a cellular level and deeper, as it is so subtle. It is gentle, and brings the body into balance, and can speed up the healing process. When, I volunteered at Yale New Haven at Smilow Cancer Center, Reiki brought my patients into deep relaxation, which can be beneficial while receiving treatments for cancer, because the body needs to be relaxed to truly begin to heal.  Also, Reiki is great for stress reduction and for emotional distress, or anxiety. I have seen and experienced in my own life how powerful Reiki can be as a healing modality, especially when used in conjunction with other modalities like yoga, massage, and with western medicine. If you are interested, you can watch this segment I did for CT Styles. Any Reiki questions or comments, feel free to email me.

Peace and Love to all.





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