Making Promises













(for Hildie)

It’s that time again to make some promises to myself, yet again. Promises and commitments are interchangeable. If you promise to do something, you commit to it.  And, oh how the word “commitment” stirs so much up. It’s like making soup in our inner cauldron. Fear sets in, shit there it goes, as the pot is stirred. Why are we so afraid to commit to ourselves or anyone else, a place, a way of life, a settling in, to anything really? It’s personal and it’s shared. This much I know. And, maybe its time we walk through our fear of “commitment” and not reject it so. Embrace it to change it.

When, I was in life-coaching with the Handel Group, the process of actually making a commitment to myself helped me get to where I am at right now. I am not always the best at committing to myself. I nurture others before myself. This is why this promise making business is so important for me. It brings me into balance. I see the areas where I am out of balance, and make promises around those areas. And, when I don’t honor the promises I make to myself, I feel like crap and beat myself up, which is the worst consequence. It has resulted in a lot of headiness, and the dreaded consequence of running on the treadmill for 40-minutes experience–ugh.

So, tonight, I am writing my promises once again. They are focused on my relationship to money. It’s where I am most out of balance right now. Time to take it on. I feel that in being committed to creating balance and stability in my life, it will bring greater healing and understanding to this one part of my life.

If we are committed to evolving as well as bringing balance and healing to our own lives, then we are spreading that energy and love out into the world and to those around us. It’s that simple.

Sharing…from “The Radiance Sutras” by Lorin Roche…actually though its Bhairava Tantra…

No. 92

Position yourself safely

At the edge of a cliff or gorge…

Gaze into the abyss and see only depth.


Doubts dissolve,

Dilemmas disappear.

Be steady as mind releases itself

Into its natural freedom.

…Peace and love friends.



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