Our painful love affair is getting less painful, day by day. It’s been many years, a marriage of imperfect/perfect practice. Today, I feel closer to being with your sweep and leap stretching over the mythical Himalayas or well my yoga mat in this case. I decided to add in Hanumanasana into self-practice this am after prasarita padottanasana in the Primary Series. And, it happened…well almost. My legs did the work and hips opened. I felt the grounding of legs and lift of torso through the activation of feet. AHH! (Side note, I have absolutely hated Hanumanasana for 7-years without a doubt in my mind. The pain of this pose has been with me, and I’ve avoided it like locusts!)

Iyengar says, on Hanumasasna, “It takes a long time to master this position and to attain it one must make several attempts each day to rest the legs straight on the floor, with the buttocks touching the ground. The back portion of the front leg and the front portion of the rear leg should touch the floor…” (p. 353 Light on Yoga)  I am adding to this a nice cozy blanket or block. Iyengar is so right! It takes a long long time!

I decided to look at Hanumanasana, and go into myself to see what it is about. It’s about the second chakra for me, and in that space we learn where to give love, to whom, and how much or not at all. Learning to give in a balanced way has been my practice. I give too much.  Then over and over again, I see I’ve given too much, and I’ve lost my own energy and vitality. This happens in many facets of my life. In order to really be able to have the strength to help or be with another, we have to have the vitality and build our ojas within our self to do so.  I see that I need to maintain my energy in my core, make it strong and vibrant. Preserve it for something meaningful and purposeful, like teaching.  So, this Hanuman business for myself, is learning to give with balanced boundlessness, and with the energy to love in such away…where they may be leaps across mountains…or at least the beauty of the attempt!



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