Teaching Happening

My practice is now 7th graders. This is where I live off the mat…in the classroom teaching special education. Teaching is like that. It gets you in the gut. When you don’t do it you wonder where it went, you feel like something is missing. Your daily existence feels a lack.  That’s how it is when you  feel driven by a purpose or a calling to serve, and fulfilling that purpose becomes something you can’t not do. It’s the tapas within us. It’s the fire of purpose. And, I can feel it in my heart and core. Then, I wonder what happens if our heart is not in our purpose anymore or if it wanes? How do we get it back? What do we have to change within ourselves to find that fire again? For me it took not doing it. We all find our ways back to it in losing it, or maybe we let it go for awhile until we have that fire back again, or we have to change until it comes back to us. Either way, it’s in the action of living in the world, and sharing our deepest selves in whatever way we feel called to do so.

(The picture above is one of my students from Chelsea High School. I will always have a special place in my heart for my students from Chelsea.)

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