Yoga Board

My new apartment…ohhh…I get to say MY APARTMENT… that really does feel good and freeing…has carpeting. This thick beige carpeting, not plush, like a shag rug just thick and beige carpeting. I don’t like carpeting. So, I’ve been obsessed with trying to figure out how to practice yoga on this carpeting. I created scenarios in my head. I was tearing it up, cutting squares out, buying bamboo mats, considering an indoor patio.  I thought hmm I SHOULD be able to just suck it up and deal with the carpet, embrace thick beige carpet…meet  aversion to carpet. NOPE.  I’d practice warrior pose, and grounding into the feet was not happening. I sunk into big toe mound and the back heel like I received a pillow. There is a reason most if not all yoga studios have hard wood flooring of some sort. So, I solved the problem with what I am calling my yoga board. It’s my space to practice yoga. I had a piece of plywood cut to be slightly larger than my yoga mat at Home Depot.  Then, I painted it with white paint, and my own design using acrylic paint. Now, I can practice.

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