Fish in the Net

“Old Buddha”

by Korean Zen Master Ko Un

Were you talking about old Buddha?

Why old Buddha is no Buddha.

Real Buddha is a fish just netted

Leaping and jumping.

What’s in your net? The fish you catch is Buddha, it’s the practice, it’s the lesson, it’s what’s happening now, and it’s everything in this reality.  What’s in it? You may have more than one fish, leaping, jumping, flailing scales all about doing a dance. And, each looks different, each has its own shape, it’s own pattern, it’s own story of how it got into your net. We all have to learn how to cook the fish we caught with skill, and that is the practice.

I will learn how to skillfully and with right effort learn in my practice how to be in my bones. Right now, I am experiencing how to know the center of my heels, my plantar fascia that is oh so tight, the lateral sheath of my knee that cramps, and then there is the pelvis that arches so easily in Ustrasana, Danurasana and any back bend, yet, is far from aligned actually it’s in total anterior/posterior shift, and there is big ole’ camel bump on my left back above my kidney. Yep, so I go to the left and stretch it out!

And, then the fish sometimes looks like a hospital room, watching the vulnerability of life unfold, the impermanence of breath, and heart beat.

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