Interconnection & Honoring the Moon

Today, was the first day I spent with Prajna Yoga and community, and I’m smitten. I was feeling homesick. I admit that I still am in some ways. I’m in a process of re-learning. Re-learning yoga, my body, and how it’s changed now that I live in the desert, my daily rhythm is out of whack like saying “huh” “what time is it,”  “where are we,” and everything is so much slower paced here…no one rushes…. I’ve also noticed that people take time to stop. There is a hello, a nod, an acknowledgment, a connection is made, and it’s a simple awareness that I have not seen in the places I have lived in the past. Even Twiggy at Walgreens says hello when you pick up your pictures and says have a nice day. It’s welcoming.

Tias said in his opening talk tonight that “there is no such thing as self in isolation.” Well, I’ve spent many years in isolation hiding out in my really lovely world…isolated.  It’s been a beautiful fantasy filled with rainbows, magical and challenging characters, drama, OH the DRAMA, the story I could weave with lattice and rope, and crazy stuff…(mostly true), and it was like living a snow globe.  I decided to stop that pattern, and to bring myself forward out into the world, into reality, into what is happening now, and not hide out in my snow globe burying myself in plastic snow, just be in this world. It is challenging at times, like when I realize I spent my last $20, or am angry at myself because I spilled water all over my finger print card I need to turn into the New Mexico State Department of Education…oops, or that I can’t hang a damn blind to save my life..Really though this is just “stuff” it’s little tiny bumps.  Truthfully, though I’m so amazed at the synchronicity of life when I witness the interconnections and synchronicity…I’m in love with being in the world, even though I know I may need to retreat to heal at times. My monastery is being out in the world right now, and it’s in connecting that I find nourishment. It’s in connecting with others in community or sangha. We are one sangha together evolving, transforming, and awakening each other and ourselves as we  greet ourselves each day.

I also learned so much from Linda Spackman and Surya Little today on honoring the divine feminine in yoga. I plan to explore more with this especially how to support women through Reiki and yoga. This is my mini-start…Anyway, so often in yoga classes, we don’t talk about how to support our bodies during our cycle. It’s like this hush hush subject and isn’t present in the classes we attend, most of the time. We may stay home (I know I have), not practice, practice and then hurt ourselves (done that too), or in the Iyengar tradition we are given a sequence of practices to do while in class. (If you are interested, a great book is “Yoga A Gem for Women” by Geeta Iyengar) I think as yoga teachers we need to provide the support and know the support for ourselves, so we can practice wisely during our own cycle and better help our students. Like, I learned today that practicing deep twists and increasing the chi in your body a few days prior to the start of your period can tremendously help bring that energy into the abdominal region and help with imbalances like cramping. And, I love that to balance my hormones I can do Sirasasana and Sarvanghasana everyday, because it supports the thyroid. You will see me standing on my head! Let’s honor the moon, the river of light and the interconnection it brings that is so divine.

Now, I must rest. It’s full day tomorrow, and apparently forest fires in Tucson are blowing smoke our way. I leave with a poem by Adyashanti, that I love.

“There You Go Again.”

by Adyashanti

Ever since I stepped out of imagination

and into the heart of things

I have become so much less spiritual.

Heaven, hell and earth

hold no meaning for me anymore.

For I am neither coming

nor going

nor staying put.

All I do is notice all the various ways

that Light weaves itself into dreams.

When someone asks me who they are

or what God is

I smile inside and whisper to the Light:

There you go again pretending.

One thought on “Interconnection & Honoring the Moon

  1. It’s beautiful to see you acknowledging the female cycle, practicing it, and (soon enough) teaching it to your students. It’s about time that yoga is not just about getting yourself into the next challenging pose to “break through” some fear. Love you! Can’t wait to learn long-distance through you.

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