Living 8,000 miles above sea level is an adjustment to my body. My new front seat passenger is a cooler filled with water bottles. I carry my water bottle like it’s my life line. I drink coffee more religiously than before to open up my lungs-caffeine is a gift if you have asthma. And, I learned that avocados, red meat, and any fat are great life savers in the high desert of Santa Fe. Apparently, the fat is needed to help you retain water, and the iron is good for the blood. I’m loving green chilies slathered on everything, especially the Angus burger I had with avocado, as I ate I thought thank you for this beautiful food, now I can re-charge these cells that keep me going.

I saw a sign today on a doctor’s office “Altitude Sickness” and laughed, because I had gotten up at 11:30AM…I seriously was tired and could not move my limbs. It’s like I had sand bags attached to them. And, the only yoga I could even dream of was Svasana in bed. Hmm, maybe it is the altitude. I’m okay with a little altitude sickness, because I’m close to the sun and that feels pretty good.

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