Landed in Santa Fe

“A star at dawn.
A flash of lightening in a summer cloud
An echo
A rainbow
A phantom and
A dream.
-The Diamond Sutra

Listening to my heart, I’ve landed in Santa Fe, New Mexico to fulfill my dreams this time. Letting go, I jumped into the sunshine, sandstone, red rocks, buffalo dances, and feather’s that fall, sing, and dance to find myself here.

I’m setting up shop. Trying to hang curtains and build furniture, yet I realized I’m not so good at following instructions or directions. I love my new place only because I can dance around to Kanye, paint all night, play my music loudly, and just be in my space . I start training with Tias Little (Prajna Yoga) this weekend for the month of June. Stay posted for how this unfolds. I will add some tidbits from his teachings.

I will be updating the blog weekly with messages, words, inspirations, experiences, teachings, and desert explorations.


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