Notes on Healing

As I dove into the energy of the new moon the other day, I realized I wasn’t on time with my blog post. I’ve noticed the synchronicity of my blog and the moon cycle, and I missed it. Life has kept me in its busy flow.

In my own experience and in working with clients as a Reiki Master practitioner, yoga teacher, and health coach the healing journey unfolds. This journey takes us inside ourselves as we begin to unravel and uncover our deepest selves.

A list of reflections came to me over the past few weeks, and I share them with you along with a video of the ocean for all of us ocean-starved.

  1. Our body, mind, spirit, and emotional being want to heal. Our truest nature is vibrant and healthy. Our cells want to thrive and continue thriving. Our DNA wants to be full functioning.
  2. The question, “Do you want to get better?” is often asked. Personally, I like “What part of yourself are you not loving?” When I ask myself this question an answer usually arrives. The question then is what do I do with that answer. This is where actions come in, such as taking more time for myself, asking for help (not easy for me to do by the way), or rewiring my thought patterns.
  3. When we begin to take steps towards loving ourselves, we begin to heal ourselves.
  4. Illness has a purpose. Sounds crazy, I know. When we are tired of being sick, we become empowered to start taking care of ourselves by changing our lifestyle, and learning to take care of ourselves. Being sick is a wake up call to our higher selves.
  5. Healing is like peeling back layers of an onion. You start with the outside and go deeper. You may heal the symptoms of your condition and for many that is huge. However, there are many layers that go beyond the physical symptoms. We also must look at the emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects.
  6. The more you identify with your sickness and continue to create a life around that sickness, I believe it continues to live on and perpetuate. By saying, “I am sick” or “I am X condition” we lose ourselves to it and become powerless to our disease.
  7. Get in touch with your body. Listen to it. Settle into it. Learn what it needs. Learn what makes your cells spark and ignite. Learn a practice to ground you into your body—like yoga or qi gong.
  8. The love prescription. I feel deeply that having love in our lives is an important aspect to our healing.
  9. Healing takes time, and often we lose patience with the process. Healing may take years or it may take a little bit longer.

As I finish writing this I am struck with the truth that it may take my adrenal glands years to heal from 2-years of sleepless nights from my daughter not sleeping through the night. And, so it’s time to practice yoga. That will help.

Healing is a process. We all are on the journey together.

Grace Underfoot, a new poem

IMG_5196“As women, we have the power of Shakti not only to heal ourselves, but to nourish, nurture, and heal everything around us. Unfortunately, our modern lifestyles tend to pull us away from our true nature. In the overwhelmingly busy world we have created for ourselves, we strive for good health, peace, and prosperity, but these goals often elude us. We devalue the very source of what heals us–Mother Nature and her moon, sun, seasons, forests, sky, water, and food. Every day, in big and small ways, we each disregard the essence of our True Self. The state of our individual and collective well-being tells the whole story of the myths of medicine that we’ve perpetuated.” Sri Swamini Mayatitananda (Maya Tiwari)

I read this last night, as I tend to go to Maya Tiwari for an ayurvedic approach to women’s healing. We have the innate ability to heal ourselves, and get lost in the many translations of how to heal our ailments and our physical problems with this diet, this herb, this medicine, and so forth. I’ve learned that the greatest healing comes from time in nature, and tapping into the grace that resides within each of us. We are all connected to this wisdom. We all are healers.

A poem I wrote on the beach. The ocean heals me deeply, and in this desert I crave it. Peace and truth.

Grace Underfoot

Egrets arrive like a silent mantra of grace

resting underfoot

stepping closer

to presence

to shakti

within forever dancing

guiding breath

and every step



2015 in the NOW

Every New Year brings new intentions, and lots of manifesting. Each year, I would craft my manifestations and envision them happening. Why not try to manifest all that you can, right? We create our reality, and we do that moment to moment. Then, the unexpected happens. What’s not written in our yearly entry are the lessons we need to learn, and the parts of our journey that are unexpected and unexplainable. My daughter was my greatest lesson in the unexplainable and unexpected this year. Typically, we ask for awesome experiences, because that’s what we want. Yet, if we only had awesome experiences would we ever learn what we needed, would we ever know light by going through some challenges? My experience has shown me that we learn light through shadow. Light must penetrate the darkness for truth to be revealed.

What if we stopped manifesting and actually started living in the NOW-moment. It is from the present moment that we can create our reality.

This year, I have learned hard lessons, and at times that is incredibly exhausting. I have made a choice to NOT manifest my 2015, and live more in the present because that changes my entire experience.

May the light shine on.

Thank you for reading my blog. I appreciate you.

Winter Solstice Poem

This is my poem for the New Moon and Winter Solstice. I am so ready to savor the quiet that this time of year brings, and to reflect on the gifts, the lessons, and the coming of a new year. Let’s create peace, joy, and spread love. Thank you for being present with what I share here, blessings and peace.

your quiet dreams
the ones you are most afraid to speak
your truth
the vastness buried deep in your heart
your joy
locked in the memory of your cells
the you
You forgot.

Motherhood Initiation


As women we are initiated at a young age to our womanhood and begin our connection to the sacred feminine. We grow into each phase constantly transforming our femininity with a quiet flow of shakti that we come to embody.

Motherhood is an initiation into our sacred role where we align with all mothers.

Initiations can bring great transformation, heartache, joy, and at times can break you down until you become the essence and embody your truest nature.

Almost, one year ago, I was faced with my greatest challenge as a new mother. My daughter’s diagnosis of Tuberous Sclerosis Complex (TSC) was heart breaking, and quietly broke me as I surrendered. I was initiated into being her mother. Clearly, she was asking me, “Are you up to the task? Are you able? Are you ready? I have chosen you!” I said, “Absolutely” without knowing what that meant at all, and I still don’t.

 Initiations are opportunities to step into a place of surrender, growth, graceful alignment, and embodiment.

Today, my daughter is a miracle. She is seizure free, and is developing normally. I have read awful accounts of children suffering with TSC that have many seizures per day with tumors throughout their body, and a host of other complications. No parent is every prepared for an incredibly difficult diagnosis, and neither were we. I will tell you that some days are harder than others. Yet, everyday I can say that I am blessed with a tremendous little girl who is very happy to be in this world. Everyday, I am grateful because by some grace of goddess, my daughter is doing well. Everyday counts–every single day.

May your journey be blessed with peace.

Being Vulnerable


We have shells, an external skin, which says “I am strong, resilient.” Our shells have stories dense with plot, conflict, pivotal characters, happiness, wounds, and trauma. We have shells as a form of protection that keep us thinking of how strong and tough we are. I have that very story. The one that stays strong and resilient in all situations no matter how deeply challenging it may be to do so. We all have a tipping point when we reach a place where we can no longer keep our shell.

We suddenly soften allowing ourselves to be humbled and vulnerable. Scary. Very scary. Now what?

Being vulnerable and allowing ourselves to be humbled by our deep experience takes strength of a different kind. It is the working of grace. Complete grace. With grace underfoot we can release into the grace of our heart wisdom. We allow softness to pervade instead of our hardened shell.

I am not versed in vulnerability, and don’t allow myself to be vulnerable. So, I started with telling the truth, and reaching out of my very own shell. And, I quietly cringe.

(The oddest thing is that for the past two days there has been a snake skin outside of our back door. I haven’t moved it. It’s still very much there, and I can’t seem to move it. A reminder.)

Blessings to you, and thank you for reading.

Boundary Lessons


Learning how to set boundaries is more often than not a lesson we typically don’t forget. Setting boundaries keeps us in our essence and maintains our light; however, when we don’t set clear boundaries we end up losing our essence and in some situations our health and vitality. The goal: create boundaries while staying open.

Creating boundaries allows you to stay open to those experiences, people, relationships, and opportunities that will support your transformation and evolution, and will be supportive and nourishing for you. This leads to healthier relationships and experiences.

I learned boundaries the hard way. Throughout my life, I was frequently in situations that were less than healthy and unsupportive. And, when I was a teacher, I constantly felt like my boundaries were being broken down and tested. I didn’t learn how to set healthy boundaries. Just as an example, my mother used to call me 7-8 times a day and it took me finally saying that you can’t do that anymore for it to stop, and now we are at once per day. The one way that you learn to set boundaries is by not setting them at all. Really, when we don’t do this we end up wishing we had or wishing we had done something differently.

This extends to our partnerships and intimate relationships where we are vulnerable and open. We have to maintain healthy boundaries in our relationships by establishing what is acceptable and what is not. It doesn’t mean we close ourselves off, it simply means we are being compassionate to ourselves.

I feel like we are all learning this lesson lately in many ways. It is up to us to step into our power and essence, and create healthy boundaries.

Boundaries in a Nutshell

  1. You are not a bad or mean person because you have established clear boundaries. “No” is good.
  2. Do it sooner than later. We all get into situations that we wish we hadn’t gotten involved with or we realize that it’s just not going to work for us. Set the guidelines before you are backpedaling.
  3. Get clear, what are your boundaries? Do you need to establish clearer boundaries? Are you afraid you may hurt someone?
  4. Be compassionate with yourself first.
  5. Sometimes we are so open that we don’t even realize that we are not energetically protecting our essence. Take time to sit and see where you maybe giving too much of yourself to others.
  6. Speak it. Use your voice, and speak your truth. If you don’t tell someone that they have crossed a line, they will never know and keep doing what they are doing.
  7. Attract those people and experiences into your life that are supportive by setting healthy boundaries. Healthy boundaries=being open to receiving the good stuff like love, respect, nourishment, and support.



Autumn Love

yellow tree

I love autumn. I love to cocoon in comfort. Autumn brings me closer to the Earth element—heavy, grounded, solid, and nourishing. During this time I like to incorporate grounding and nourishing practices inspired by Ayurveda.

  1. Warming, nourishing foods like soups, stews, and kitchari, while favoring slow cooked meats and limiting raw vegetables and cold foods as well as adding just enough spice to all of my recipes for digestion.
  2. Adding oils internally and externally. I add additional oils and fats to my diet and add Abhyanga to my daily routine. The drying nature of a New Mexico Autumn requires the extra nourishing qualities of oils.
  3. Chai every morning to jump start my day and digestion.
  4. Licorice spice tea after dinner. Licorice root is not right for everyone, and for some it is too much. I wouldn’t suggest mixing this tea with milk.
  5. Spending time in nature giving thanks for the blessings of the Earth and savoring the changes of the season
  6. Clear IT OUT to go IN. Clear out the clutter that can weigh your spirit down, whether it is excess stuff like clothes, or energy-stuff. It always feels good to clear it all out. I always think that a virus or cold is one way that our body energetically clears itself. Once we have cleared ourselves, and our closets, we can start our time journeying inwards with a clean, clear slate so we can fully, rest, nourish, and gain clarity as we begin to quiet down for the rest of the fall and into winter.


Cranberry Lemon Muffins

1/2 Cup coconut flour

1/2 Tsp salt

1/2 Tsp baking soda

6 eggs

1 Tbs maple syrup

1/3 Cup butter or coconut oil melted

3 Drops lemon essential oil from DoTerra

1 Cup whole cranberries

Combine all dry ingredients together in a bowl. Gently whisk eggs with maple syrup, melted butter, and lemon essential oil. Fold egg mixture into dry ingredients and combine thoroughly. Then, add cranberries. Place batter into lined or buttered muffin tins. Bake 350 until the muffins are light brown about 15 minutes.

Licorice Spice Tea

3 Sticks of whole licorice  (found in the herb section of the grocery store or online at Mountain Rose Herbs)

1-2 Pinches whole fennel seeds

2-3 Slices fresh ginger peeled and then sliced

1-2 Pinches whole coriander

2-3 Cups water

Simmer all ingredients for about 20 minutes. Drain and drink. You can add as much spice as you would like.

Slow Cooked Turkey Legs

1 Turkey leg per person

1 Whole onion chopped

2 Cloves garlic

1/2 Cup red wine

Salt and pepper to taste

Enough water to cover all ingredients and simmer throughout the day.

Take all ingredients and place in your crock pot. Turn it on high and let cook until the meat falls off of the bone. Serve with cooked greens or mashed sweet potatoes. This is a great dish for those of us that don’t have the time to cook an elaborate meal and want something easy and nourishing. Use farm raised organic meat if possible.